There are several ways to add space to your home. Many other ways are not only cost-effective but in some cases ideas that you can do yourself. Here is a list of ideas and creative ways to stretch the space for life at home: 

  • Enclosing a patio could potentially add square footage to your home if done correctly. It needs to feel like a part of the home and be accessible through the house.
  • Finishing the basement or a laundry room or even an attic can help add square footage to the home. Look for unfinished areas regardless of the level of the house they are on.
  • Finish your garage. Remodeling the garage will create additional square footage.
  • Add a second story. This remodeling project can be expensive. If it will be added to the top of the house, it can save money and time.
  • Adding onto the kitchen. If you have a small kitchen and have a room off the back of your house consider an addition to the kitchen. You can also consider adding a pantry to free up some space.
  • Building over the garage. A room over the garage is the perfect way to create additional space.
  • Finish the attic. An attic must be connected with a stairway in order to be counted toward the square footage of the house. there are tons of great ideas for a finished attic all over the internet.
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